Zero Dimensional Philosophy

Zero Dimensional Philosophy
The basics of Zero Dimensional Philosophy
We are told through Spirit that their world exists alongside ours but without space (1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions) and time (4th dimension).
Space (1D, 2D, 3D) and time (4D) being interrelated one can not exist without the others so the world of Spirit exists outside of our normal everyday existence in this world.
Zero Dimension is a mathematical concept that is starting to have real world impact through the Quantum Dot which exists in Zero Dimension. Objects in Zero Dimension have neither Space (1,2,3D) or time (4D). This theoretically mirrors what we have been told by Spirit about the Spirit World.
Time in 0D does not exist therefore past, present and future co-inhabit the same point. In the same way our memories, our conscious now and dreams of the future can all co-exist at the same point of conscious being. I'm sure there is a relationship here between our perception of the passage of time linked to our conscious reality but still exploring that interrelationship.
I believe as mediums we can sense this 0D/Spirit world through a mechanism within the oldest part of our brain, the brainstem. This would explain why we sense Spirit within living organisms. The mechanism would be an organic equivalent of the quantum dot hardwired into every living organism which would resonate with the world of Zero Dimensions.
In conclusion, through Zero Dimensional Philosophy we can start to hypothesis how the world of Spirit scientifically exists, where it exists and how as mediums we can interact with this world.