You can face any challenge that is thrown at you!

Inspired words from my guide team to give encouragement and confidence

You can face any challenge that is thrown at you!

Very recently, I did another session of inspired writing. So, I sat in meditation in connection with one of my guides ‘Francis’ who gave some words of wisdom and encouragement which I feel is meant to be heard by all, and not kept to myself. It’s entitled ‘Challenges’.


“Challenges are a part of life although some people wish they did not exist, and they are seen to be something negative. When I talk about challenges, I include all parts of life whether it’s to do with relationships, work, your spiritual path, or life in general.

But challenges shouldn’t be seen as something negative although they may feel that way at times. They should be seen as something positive because we learn the most from challenging times, we learn how to adapt, we learn how to handle people or situation, we learn certain lessons.

We don’t learn any of those things through an easy life. An easy life is not a challenge, it’s an experience, of which everyone is entitled but life would not be what it is if we are not challenged. Also, remember; nothing is placed in front of you that you cannot handle. It’s placed there so you can learn from it, but you only learn from it if you deal with it and that’s where free will comes in.

As humans you have the free will to choose to deal with it or not. If you don’t, the challenge won’t necessarily go away, it will just appear in a different form. So, face your challenges so you can learn and grow as a person. The important thing then is to take stock once you’ve got over that challenge. By this we mean looking at how you did it and what you learnt from it. So in case it happens next time you’ll know how to deal with it once again.

It's important because you do not do that enough. You’re so busy constantly moving onto the next thing that you don’t have the time to stop and process anything, but you must in order to understand what lessons you have learnt and what knowledge you have gained.

Some people often complain that they are constantly hit with challenges in life, and it’s true there are some more than others who seem to experience this but that’s their journey. In this life they have more lessons to learn but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad life, they just have bad periods and ultimately their lives should be more enriched with all the lessons they will learn.

When it comes to your spiritual journey especially in mediumship challenges come with the territory and the biggest challenge is you. You are the person who gets in the way but like life you must face the challenges in order to grow as a person and as a medium. Do not shy away. Be prepared that these challenges will always be there, as in self-confidence, self-belief, and trust but you must face those things, work on those things, not be afraid of those things and a good medium you will make.”

Copyright 2022, David Hale


I hope the words given by guide gives you some reassurance or confidence, but ultimately you will take from it whatever it is you need.

I’ll leave those words with you.