The Meditation

Prose Poetry describing telling the story of a meditation experiance

The Meditation

The Meditation

As I slowly drift away with my eyes closed my soul begins to wake.

She arises from her physical shell and smiles as she steps into the world she recognises and knows so well.

A glowing orb playfully appears in front of her face and beckons my soul to open what towers before her;

an old wooden cob-web covered gate.

It groans and creaks as she pushes it wide, revealing wildflowers of every kind that have grown on the other side.

Birds are singing and bees are buzzing as she walks; her hands being tickled by the tall grass until she comes to the end of the path greeted by an arch formed by sycamore branch.

My soul continues on into a forest beyond; bracken breaking and crackling as she moves along making her way through a pathway of trees from which through the canopies sun rays beam and where Faerie folk magic at play can be seen.

In the distance are the sounds of a trickling stream; the orb beckons my soul once more to follow until she reaches a rivers bank and then invites her to sit on a strong oak bench beneath an ancient Weeping Willow.

The orb then majestically spins in the air sending a shower of sparkles everywhere. 

As my soul by this display is mesmerised a presence has come to sit by her side.

He wraps around her shoulders a blanket of ocean blue and tells her he feels her sadness too.

He takes and holds my souls hands; smiles so bright and tells her everything will be alright; 

He tells her "remember how beautiful you are, and I'm only a thought away which isn't very far"

My soul replies with tears in her eyes, "on earth i miss you every single day; please don't go; please let me stay"

Then my soul hears "I love and miss you too", as he guides her back from whence she came, 

back through the forest, the wildflowers and tall grass until she is returned to the cob-web covered towering wooden gate.

He gives her a white rose as a parting gift and watches her return to the physical shell that in the chair sits.

Feeling my fingers, toes and my body back in the chair, I feel my soul smile as I notice a random white rose petal fall gently from my hair,

The physical evidence and spiritual proof that my soul and I was really there.