The Christmas Dinner

A poem about the perfect christmas dinner experiance

The Christmas Dinner
christmas dinner table courtesy of pixabay free images


at that

Turkey crown!

Tis a sight to behold!

 It got stuck in the oven as I pulled it out and the middle is still cold!

The vegetables are well roasted;

The charcoal is an added touch,

The Yorkshire puddings are uniquely shaped,

and the stuffing balls are as firm as rocks!

The pigs have lost their blankets,

The roast potatoes refused to crisp,

The gravy has developed dough balls,

and the jarred sauces have un-openable lids!

The Christmas pudding smells delightful,

and is strong with flame-grilled flavour,

The brandy custard is a must for the taste buds to savour.

Christmas cracker crowns sit crooked on heads as

belly-filled snores come from adult slumber-filled chairs.

Wrapping paper and boxes strewn across the floor,

The mess of hell’s kitchen strewn with dirty pans and plates galore!

I look around with a satisfied smile grateful for the chaos I see,

for its moments like these that really matter,

not the gifts left under the Christmas tree;

Memories of a chaotic Christmas dinner;

and how the perfect Christmas

should really