The Arrival of the New

Ponderings of a Professional Palmist that was forced to sit back and watch things unfold

The Arrival of the New

**disclaimer-- this was dictated via microphone to a Microsoft program so the punctuation is questionable**

Part of the problem that I ponder of existence is that I think that the populace, that is to say,  the general population within the spiritual community is at a point now where we have achieved what we set out to conquer. And now? We've hit the glass ceiling.

The glass ceiling often the plight of women in the workplace the feminine the divine associated with psyche associated with intuition associated with empathy associated with all psychic ability AKA psyche an emotion found in the mount of Luna also known as the mount of Selene is feminine.

We spiritual healers lightworkers quasi therapists without the paper degrees have hit our glass ceiling. And what is the result of hitting a glass ceiling? Angst! Confusion! feelings of abandonment, feelings of unworthiness, feelings of loss. Above all else we are left without our former place within our spiritual society or community because people will scurry away and hide.

In my opinion, yes we as a population have ascended. But are we willing to recognize and accept what that ascension truly is?

Will there be happiness found in this new ‘now’?

The wisdom and the light you seek lies within you of that I have no doubt.

Focus on your existing doubt. Focus on your anxiety. Focus on the changes around you.

The time to adapt is now.

So I ask you... Are you open enough to accept the new which would include your loss of ego, loss of status, loss of prosperity, potential financial ruin, and most importantly... When you look in the mirror and you see yourself looking back at you are you willing to accept that version of you?

As in the Star Trek Next Generation the Borg have a great line, “resistance is futile” ( and if you don’t know the Borg? Look them up).

And that my friends is the crux of the situation at hand.

Your new journey, your new mission; do not stand idly by and watch history repeat itself.

As in times of old for every civilization that is created one must fall. Will you fight for the old? Or will you persevere, persist, and fight for the new? Nobody ever said this was an easy path. But once you put on your armor and you picked up your shield; you went into battle with the enemy. and who were you protecting and fighting for? This is what I need you to ask yourselves now.

To ease suffering we must accept the new.

I do not say any of the preceding lightly. It is above all else merely fact. I could sit and quote many a philosopher and for that matter I could even sit here and quote Voltaire I could even quote Melville. remember I have been in this life for half a century and this is what I know to be true beyond all else--- the most honest and the best of intent will be tried in a court of peers in the socially based gladiator arena.

All of this will happen not because you are wrong. But merely out of the ignorance of said peer group. Life above all else is a stage and we are but merely players and actors upon it and in it. That my friends is a paraphrase of Shakespeare.

Watch your backs. Stay true to your course. Carry a proverbial ‘compass’ at all times. Know that you are not lost, nor have you been brushed aside. But it is time for you to move forward. If you must think of it in Tarot terms—The Fool card has been pulled.

Again my friends I say this to all lightworkers-- anybody who uses the term healer psychic medium spiritualists in general. One could say that the market is flooded. I prefer to see it as the message was received loud and clear by those that needed to hear it.

We as the teachers need to keep pushing forward instead of hitting our own pause button on our own lives. We are free!

I could go into what would be a misconstrued dialogue about the Emancipation Proclamation the Gettysburg address you name it--- ‘indentured servitude’ I will call it to be very politically correct. The problem when coming out of indentured servitude is not that you are left without a purpose. The problem is that you never thought you had the option to have a different purpose than what you started out with which was forced upon you. There is absolute fear and sheer panic in that realization.

To quote my favorite book Dune by Frank Herbert “the sleeper has awakened”!

Now enjoy your freedom and live the life you have before you.

You are here to live your life and your life alone. Make your ancestors proud --feel their energy course through your veins in every fiber, in every cell that composes your physicality. You are the living hope and dream of everyone that came before you.

Whether or not you know your bloodline... I add this in case you are adopted or do not have records of your family. Do I have to be the one to point out that you got here somehow!? Those people, those energies, that blood that you don’t know?  Can see you across time, space, and through millenia.

 It’s all within YOU!

To quote Shakespeare specifically the character Polonius in Hamlet—" to thine own self be true”.

And if you live by that credo, I promise you hardships, difficulties a plenty, potentially becoming the black sheep, moreover a social pariah... At least under the judgment of those less aware than your ’self’.

Yet you will be the one left standing as you watch people scramble from a distance to find their way out of the mire that they undoubtedly will put themselves into.

Personally, I started this day and I'm ending this evening with the idea or saying that Rome will burn.

Because as I said history does repeat itself especially if all evidence of said history has been erased due to the fragile egos of those who are controlling the majority of the population via various education and social platforms.

Buckle up my fellow spiritualists! It's time to go back to the old ways while we sit and watch the new  Rome burn to cinder and ash. For we will be the ones to rebuild anew yet again. And we will need our strength.

That my friends is the cycle, the hamster wheel, and overall just an outright pain in the behind.

The truth will find its way out and will see the Sun. It always has. It always will. The pleasures and the profits of the elite and known were created from the tears of people who just wanted to be heard. Pause a moment to digest those words.

Feel their truth. Feel their weight on your soul. Wounds heal. And the scars left behind? are a map of a history that nobody will ever erase.

Now when you look at your palm, what do you see?

Let me tell you---what you see is your true self waiting to be heard and understood and even recognized.

To disrespect yourself. Is to disrespect all!

It is now time to forge a new way, a new path, and you CAN! But will you?

The answers you seek lie within every painful moment you’ve experienced.

Be brave and know you are never alone on your journey.

With Love,

Rachel Galbreath