Spirit Seekers Weekend

1. Spirit Seeker Weekend

Spirit Seeker Weekend

Spirit Seeker (2022) was held at the beautiful Charlecote Pheasant hotel in Stratford upon Avon, with excellent food, amazing staff, plenty of parking, and a beautiful setting for the Life After Death (LAD) spiritual weekend. The weekend was fully booked months in advance with people coming from all over the UK to enjoy, learn, and to meet friends via the Spiritual Psychics TV channel and Wimbledon Spiritualist Church.

The weekend was full of amazing experiences including private healing, private readings, workshops, talks and demonstrations all in one place; the hotel offered many function rooms which allowed plenty of events to take place at the same time, including the lounge for guests to relax and enjoy the complimentary drinks.

Ashley, Claire and the team worked hard making sure everyone had a great time, while the LAD volunteers (Michelle Scott) did a wonderful job answering many questions while being on hand to deal with any situation.

I arrived late morning as Ashely Robinson and Ivan Lee started to host a Mediumship Development/Open Platform workshop/talk for the weekend guests to progress with their mediumship abilities, this was very entertaining, and emotional for those involved. I especially enjoyed the fact that this allowed a few budding mediums to learn and how to develop their own mediumship abilities, while myself enjoyed listening to the evidence offered to those in attendance.

As the day progressed my next visit was the Peter Goddard’s event ‘The Power of Me and Spirit’. Peter spoke about the power of Spirit and his own experiences; one example was when he communicates with them his own bodily pain is taking away. During the talk Peter answered many interesting questions from the audience with great interaction and laughter, at one point Peter included the audience to demonstrate how easy it is to use their own intuition to communicate with spirit. Wonderful evidential proof showing those who feel they are unable to sense spirit, can surely do the impossible! To finish he allocated time, Peter offered his natural mediumship by offering mini readings - great to watch.

The next talk I visited was ‘Past Lives’ with Ashley Robinson and co-host Ivan Lee, very thought provoking, and some in depth information regarding their own past life beliefs. Ashely offered his own interpretation, while Ivan gave his opinion on the subject matter. During the talk we all had the opportunity to be guided through a meditation where we would access the halls of learning.

I must say an experience I fully enjoyed and will hold dearly for a long time as I met a new guide who told me that I was female and died at the age of 59 - just one of the many past lives! The experience was short but wonderful, now I’ve made this connection I will be able to go back and connect with the same guide again, thus allowing me to find out more about them.

There were so many wonderful events I wanted to take part in but one I was looking forward to, the experimental spirit box phenomena with Julie Caswell and Mary Dixie. I’ve heard so much about this and how spirit uses radio waves to communicate with us. Although it was interesting but for me after a while the noises of the radio were giving me a headache, but entertaining to say the least! Those who took part were intrigued with this idea and fully embraced the concept while asking many questions.

Like many events things have to come to an end, sadly I didn’t experience many of the talks, workshops, and demos on offer while I was there, just so much to do and with only a little time for me.

However, my day was finished, I said hello to so many people I met online and to finally meet in person (Sally, Mary, Ashley, Tina, Rose, and Ray just to name some) was wonderful, a friendly, happy, and joyful time from those I spoke to. Before the evening ended though, I sat for a three-course meal with wonderful company which included Iain Mason, Richard (yes, I finally met the man behind the channel), Terri, Sandra Stevenson and Peter Goddard (including their guests). The meal was amazing and just so delicious and all cooked by their own hotel chef, I was full by the third course.

After this wonderful day and meal I finally relaxed to enjoy the demonstration of mediumship from Iain Mason, Sandra Stevenson, and Peter Goddard.

Sadly it was my time to go, I said my goodbyes and as I look back now it was very much worth the time and effort to experience this one day at the Spirit Seeker spiritual weekend retreat.

If you are looking for a spiritual weekend where you are welcomed, pampered, and accepted with your belief along with learning and meeting like-minded people, then I would highly recommend signing up for the next one (March and October 2023). 

For more information, visit https://spiritseeker.spiritualpsychicstv.online/

Joanne Lewis
Editor of Spirit life Magazine