Spirit Seeker, the founding of Life After Death events

Spiritual Psychic Weekend

Spirit Seeker, the founding of Life After Death events
Spirit Seeker, the founding of Life After Death events


The founding of LAD Promotions

It all started when Derek Robinson was at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church, chatting with Gordon Higginson, the then President of the SNU. Gordon asked Derek about taking Spiritualism back to the people and hiring large halls and Theatres around the UK. The idea was to witness Mediums in a propagandist view, just like the old days, a way of encouraging people to attend Spiritualist Churches within their home locations.

Back in 1982 LAD (Life After Death) Promotions was founded by Derek Robinson, Doris Stokes, Gordon Higginson and Jesse Nason.

When Derek Robinson passed to spirit in 2014, his close family (Ray, Jackie, Ashley, Rachel, Claire, and Sean) along with many close friends continued his mission to promote and seek the knowledge of Life After Death, while sharing the truths of Spiritualism. 

LAD promotions created the Spirit Seeker events to help spread the word of Spiritualism while helping those who wish to gain knowledge while learning and understanding from others.  It has been said,  “there are many who embark on seeking Spirit, however along life's journey, many also get discouraged.  Most seek without themselves, but one needs to seek within to find all the answers, for this is where we have all the tools available to progress in our own lives.”

In 2022 LAD has teamed up with SPtv to join together in a special event by 'Bringing Spiritual People Together' at one location while offering them a unique spiritual experience.

This four-day event in March brings together many hosts/presenters from SPtv and LAD team to offer spiritual development, demonstrations, education, and most importantly a weekend full of meeting new friends and laughter.