I AM......

Spirit inspired poem explaining what spirit is to humans grieving.

Two Thousand Words... An Address from Spirit for New Beginnings

Our words have the power to harm or to heal, words have the power to inspire or to dissuade, words have the power to educate or words...

The Shoes on Your Feet

Religion & Science are painted and distributed by their most extreme exponents as totally at odds, complete opposites, but are they...

The Christmas Dinner

A poem about the perfect christmas dinner experiance

All babies go to heaven

Poem about all babies going to heaven no matter how they transition.

One Days End

A poem written in the voice of a child pleaing to the adults to make time for them whilst they are young.

Testing Quiz

We are testing our new Quiz feature, we hope you like it.

The Arrival of the New

Ponderings of a Professional Palmist that was forced to sit back and watch things unfold