One Days End

A poem written in the voice of a child pleaing to the adults to make time for them whilst they are young.

One Days End
image by Ri Butov from pixabay free images

Do not take fore-granted

these days while I am young,

Because before you know it,

I'll be grown and they'll be done.

Cherish every opportunity

When memories can be made;

One day i will be too big

and have no time to play.

Chores will always be there

no matter what the day,

Appointments can be re-scheduled,

They don't have to get in the way.

Do not look back in years to come

and wonder how time flew,

and wish childhood past was present

so moments missed can be accrued.

Do not take fore-granted

this time while I am young,

For one day I'll be grown like you

and one day you'll be gone.