My Spirit Visitor

Mother passing and a visit from Spirit .

My Spirit Visitor

It was the morning of the 11th of August, the day after I lost my Mom. I remember feeling like the bottom of my world had fallen out and the pain I felt was immense.  I had not left the hospital for 3 days attending to my mother, and the moment I went out to drop my sister back home, that’s when my mum took her last breath.

It was the morning after losing my Mom, yet still in a trance state, a daydream so to speak, losing someone close just feels strange, whatever that feeling was, it was not nice. On that day my partner Jason asked if I could take him shopping; on the way back I had to pull over as the tears were pouring down my face, not having a chance to say goodbye played on my mind, but I do have the comfort knowing my mom has gone back home, I do like that expression when I first heard medium Bill Hughes mention it during a live show, it sounded lovely and not final.

The heartache I felt not being there when she passed is indescribable, the guilt I had, and all I wanted was to say goodbye.

After a short while I pulled myself together and carried on with my journey back home, as I drove closer to my house, I could not believe what I saw. If Jason hadn’t been there with me nobody would have believed what I noticed. Sitting on my home fence (and it stayed long enough for me to notice) was a Cardinal bird, it looked at me and I knew it was the goodbye from my Mom - I already knew that Cardinals usually come from a loved one to say goodbye, I just knew my Mom sent it.

When I look back, I now realise the way my Mom wanted to say goodbye was totally different to the way I thought it was going to be. I still miss her every single day, but I know when she is close by either a red Robin sits outside my window, or a beautiful white butterfly appears.

We all lose someone special to us and it takes a bit of time to realise they are always close; we just have to open our eyes and notice the signs; the love, the comfort, and the knowledge they can still bring us just shows that true love will never die.