I AM......

Spirit inspired poem explaining what spirit is to humans grieving.

I AM......
Pixabay free image search, Peace love and happiness , by placidplace

I am the star lighting up the darkness of your nights, Do not be sad when you think of me.

I am the rainbow colourfully arching over your world, Do not let your heart ache for me.

I am the soft summer rain caressing your skin, Do not tire your arms reaching for me.

I am the warmth of the sun kissing your face, Do not think my love has abandoned thee.

I am the peace that takes over the worries of your days, Do not think I am not watching over thee

I am the smile by which your frown is replaced, Do not shed tears over memories or me.

I am the strength when grief is too much to bare, Do not think I do not miss you as you miss me.

I am the shadow unattached from your side, Do not think that with each step I am not following your strides.

Look at that star and tell me goodnight, The rainbow is my promise that you will be alright,

Laugh and dance in the rain without a care, Kiss into the sun beams and I will catch them there.

chase my shadow and play with it like peter pan, be strong and carry on knowing I am holding your hand,

Know that my peace is your peace,  Do not question my absence or try to understand,

Just know I am loving you from heaven,

I am, I am, I am.