Current Astrological Palmistry Influencers

what planets are currently affecting our palm lines the most?

Current Astrological Palmistry Influencers

Does astrology have anything to do with palmistry? That is a question I get asked frequently as the Greek/Roman Deities are found especially within the type of Palmistry reading I practice.

So what is going on astrologically speaking at this moment in time that could have influence over our actions and therefore show up on our hands? At the time of typing this Saturn is in retrograde, and so is Neptune.

Saturn of course is the “bad middle finger” (as I call him). But what he represents is something far greater– our reason for making the decisions we make…. Our reason for thinking the things we think…. And even what and how we do things for others.

And HE is in retrograde meaning everyone and I do mean everyone, is going to start questioning what they are doing and why they are doing whatever it is they are wrapped up in.

Whether it be work, day to day activities, career path, college, relationships, the entire ball of wax is being questioned right now. Why does Saturn have so much power?

Go back to Greek Mythology– Saturn aka Chronus was the youngest of the old gods– the Titan gods. Whatever was decreed to happen by the fates, Saturn would make sure that ‘it’ happened. No questions asked and no qualms and definitely no hesitations.

Now he is ‘going backwards’ figuratively speaking. So the reverse of his purpose is being seen.

Which is why you can expect many people to change their relationships, careers, etc, right now at least until October when it will decide to go direct again.

We are also being hit with another whammy! Neptune aka Poseidon is in retrograde too. This is an area of the palm that I do not like to mention very often as it has to do with the darker side of ones personality. I will however discuss the lines in this area of the palm in a private reading but never in a public forum.

So what is Neptune in control of on the hand? Water of course– but the bad kind. Down to the core of it, the dark type of personality you have that we try to never let people see. Will you be the one to cry wolf too many times? Will you “play” the victim for attention? Will you cheat your way to success and money?  So on and so forth.

And just what does it mean that Neptune is in retrograde? WITH Saturn?

We are finally being given a chance to make things right and do what is the right thing for our ’self’ and others.

No pressure people! Neptunes retrograde will last until December of this year.

So if you have you ever wished you could suddenly make a wrong into a right?

Now is the time. 

Are there other planets in retrograde right now that affect palmistry lines? Yup!

But that's a story for another day……