Are you spiritual?

Being Spiritual means different things to different people.  My point of view and reason.

Are you spiritual?
  • Are you spiritual?
  • What does it mean to be spiritual? 

Being Spiritual means different things to different people. 

Collins dictionary (2022) states, “Relating to people's thoughts and beliefs, rather than to their bodies and physical surroundings.”

But to me being spiritual is more than a belief system or religion, it is about every aspect of our life from the respect we have for one another to mutual respect for the world and the environment we live in. 

Spirituality whether a belief system or a way of life is individual to us all and as a result something that we will all view differently and view based on our core beliefs of right and wrong, the deity we may believe in and what we value or perceive to be important.

As spiritual people, we don’t have to be spiritualists or believe in particular religion or even God. You may be thinking at this point, this does not make sense. Because if you don’t believe in a deity then you can’t be spiritual. Why do you think this?

Is your belief something you strongly believe or are you talking about the religious aspect of spirituality or are you talking about being spiritual, two different things.

I know many people who believe in a God or a religion, but are they spiritual? 

We hear so much about those who say they are spiritual but are clearly not. 

Therefore, what are people thinking when they make such a statement.

To me our spiritual self is demonstrated through our actions, our words and our thoughts. 

These show what is our true spirituality and show others both our internal spirit self and show others the mutual respect we have for those in Spirit but also those here who are a Spirit living a human existence.

We should not treat people wrongly, nor should we try to belittle someone or make them live in the shadows of our own ego or self. For a truly spiritual person will not hold people back, but instead make them grow. 

They will see the beauty of the individual and all they have to offer the world and support the growth of the person rather than dismissing their views, their input. They will see the happiness and life within the individual and aim to make that happiness expand.

I now ask you to think about what being spiritual means to you? and how you can demonstrate your own spirituality and how you can expand it and make it grow. 

Does it need to be about religion, or about that way of life?

Do you need to be well known spiritual guru or a so called Master or simply a person with the right intentions. Because if you have the right intentions, you start to meet the right people, you are put in the right place and you start to know the real you. 

So are you spiritual? Only you can answer that, but others will know if you are spiritual based not on your religion or the yoga, mediumship you practice,  but on the way you act, the way you make them feel and the way you live your life. I hope you agree.