Alternative Medicine

Spirit Guide inspired writing, philosophising on what really is alternative medicine.

Alternative Medicine

My bare feet steps out into the man-made stone as gentle north winds Suffocate my lungs with Grandmother Earths elixir of life, drowning poisoned, dust-powdered utterances that are the black cancerous shadows of strife internally hidden from robotic formed human eyes, but detectable by technology that whirrs with sadness at its own guilt for turning medicine men and women from every culture blind. Are we, or I, suppose to trust this 'alien' life intelligence that needs corded auditory aids on the end of synthetic rubber tubing to know if a heart is out of beat, out of balance or broken? trust man-made instruments built for profit over the medicine men and women born from the ash and bones of my ancestors? Ancestors spiritually connected to Grandmother Earths heartbeat that vibrates through the very core of this intelligent soul.

Just as the cement beneath  my feet has set to gray and gone cold so has the wisdom and traditions and intuition once respected and reveared long ago, and the lessons our ancestors fought to uphold. They rest not in peace but in pieces; pieces buried among ash and bones deep in the sands of time but change is coming my friends; change that will rage an un-bloody war against the injustices and the attempted murder of the natural order. The crimes against natural healing Grandmother Earth provided in abundance will be avenged and the production of synthetic poisonous man-made pills, made for profit that civilisations now take to cure all ills will come to a bitter end, and those that have forgotten the old ways as a consequence of disconnection and greed and impatience will be left with a bitter taste in their mouths, and sorrow in their souls too no doubt.

Looking up to Grandfather Sky as his once pure but now acidic tears start to slap my facial flesh so hard it stings, i too start to cry for the pain that has broken both our hearts over many years; The pain man-made diseases have stalked and leered and suffocated the faith in what you all name now as 'alternative healers'. Alternative......what is that? A term meaning invention by arrogant wordsmiths out of ignorance and fear and so-called wealth that is defined by a pieces of paper of different materialistic value, (money). What a F....D up ideaology that is. 'Aliens' are suppose to be the intelligent life form?  civilisations of this modern world get sick and take chemically formed pills of poison to cure or ease their ailments and for this they are willing to pay? thats all well and good but WHAT do you pay? what is the REAL cost we must pay for these enhanced pills of popularity?

My ancestors beleived there was personal cost to be paid for everything but this modern world does not know what cost its civilisations are paying because they cannot see it, because they are lost; lost in an illusion that blankets the ancestors richer ways like a cold calculating invisible frost. It is chemicals; man-made labatory grown pills that are the 'alternative medicine' here at least lets be honest about that. It is Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky, The great spirits of the sun, moon, oceans and the four winds that have provided medicine since time began. Herbs, plants, flowers, trees,grass and even animals have been used since the dawn of time to heal sick animals and children, woman and man by all those commited to teaching and learning with patience, respect and gratitude for the connection to nature with no doubt as to their healing powers and properties, or origins. Witches, wizards, pagans, wiccans, tribes and even christians of all nations have all been able to be skilled in getting the best from natures medicinal powers before mans greed for money and power conquered Grandmother Earths provisions and turned her remedies into something to be feared and shamed. Be sure this modern world will once again be forced to see that they judge as 'alternative' medicine has never been the alternative and will be reminded that money cannot ever buy you health.

The sun wraps me up now in her rays of warmth and love drying my tears of sorrow and soothing my aggravated mind. I close my eyes and pray to the four winds that the robotic healers I live amongst will once again see the true value of Grandmother Earths healing hands.