All babies go to heaven

Poem about all babies going to heaven no matter how they transition.

All babies go to heaven
Image taken from pixabay free images.

All Babies Go To Heaven

All those born sleeping peacefully

And those that never touch the earth:

Those that live just in the womb

That never reach a birth:

Where do all these babies go?

Where do I need to search?

They are placed into the Angels care

And then into loved ones arms:

They play and smile on silver clouds

Without fear of any harm:

They grow surrounded with purest love

Wrapped in soft rainbow shawls:

With auras brighter than the stars

So we can see them all. 

Just close your eyes and take deep breaths:

Find solace in the silence and listen

To the giggles and gurgles sent to ease your mind

That ALL babies go to heaven