Adventure -

A piece of writing inspired by Spirit Oliver Goldsmith, an 18th century novelist, poet and playwright titled adventure.

Adventure -
Oliver Goldsmith

Adventure is a road in life that many leave untravelled because many fear what they cannot see, understand or do not know but yet despite the fear of the unknown, there is no escaping the truthful concept that "life itself is a journey that must be travelled" 

In life one plans for how we wish our future to be , but no matter how precise the planning one cannot truly foresee its succesful execution or have proof of its succesful execution until its time and place in the world has been reached. Life throws many corners along the roads we travel and leads us down many different roads with twists and turns and bumps and it is these uneven roads that make the best adventures of life.

Adventure leads one to places and people that could never be imagined or indeed planned for; Beautiful and magical eye-opening places and people that leave an everlasting impression on the soul. These un-sought after impressions, unknown and unexpected nuances opens hearts and minds to otherwise unknown and unexplored possibilities, and fills the soul with unlimited and boundless curiosity with an innocent, child-like sense of awe and wonder.

Adventure is the essence of life; one cannot walk through life without adventure crossing your path. It is a food source if i may use that analogy; a food source imperative for sustaining all life forms in the same way your lungs could not function without breath. As one grows in years and becomes mature in life some days it is easier to breath then others, and this replicates the adventures one faces during our pathway of life, some adventures one has to explore are easier than others, but whether these adventures are smooth or treacherous it provides us with much learning about ourselves and the world around us as we navigate them.

There is a great amount of wisdom and knowledge to be gained from our experiances which can be passed down from one generation of adventurer to the next in the hope that what one has learnt will make a smoother road for those who follow.

Adventure is the forgotten educator that teaches one to have fundamental characteristics, characteristics such as strength, courage, bravery, compassion, resilience, patience, to name but a few. adventure teaches one to question everything, the who, the why and the wherefores. it allows the development of our own independance and self-reliance but also allows room for compromise by teaching one that no man can travel completely alone. the people one meets along our adventures are not met by chance, some of them cross our paths for just a short time to provide us with what is neccesary for our adventure to continue, others walk beside us continuosly on the long road ahead. with respect to both counts people cross our paths when the adventure becomes lonely and tiresome.

Adventures appear throughout ones life when the soul is trapped by comfort and complacency and when knowledge is neccesary for us to be able to continue on the road we have set upon for our future well-being. It also allows us to come to the realization that the only limitiations that exist are the ones we place on ourselves, the ones that denies us the bravery to travel the more treacherous adventerous path. But i remind you that it is these paths that opens unlimited possibilities that would otherwise be missed. So i put to you all and encrouch upon you that you must treat life like the BIG adventure it is and allow yourself to see the opportunities that present themselves to you along the way, and consider that the adventure never ends; the adventures may end in this life when we transition into what we call death, but beyond this world there is another world to which i know belong where more adventures await and where there is nothing to be feared from it but everything to be gained.