Signs from Spirit

This article looks at what Signs from Spirit are and how we can see these Signs.

Signs from Spirit
Signs for Spirit title image by Sam Pirt Psychic Medium
Signs from Spirit
Signs from Spirit
Signs from Spirit
Signs from Spirit

Article by Sam Pirt Psychic Medium  

I felt I wanted to write this article as we are surrounded by Spirit all the time.  We are surrounded by our loved ones in Spirit that on occasion simply want to show us that they are there, watching over us, with our best interests at heart.

But how do we know that they are around us? Well, they simply show us signs that they are still with us.

Once we get used to the idea that we are surrounded by Spirit and we open ourselves up to seeing these signs, it enables us to get closer in a Spiritual way to our loved ones who have passed.  And so, when we receive these signs, it can bring comfort and peace at our heart.

What are signs from Spirit? And how can we start to see these? Or even begin seeing more Signs than we already see? And who are they from? And what do they mean?

So many questions and I will discuss all these questions in the following article.

What are signs from Spirit?

Signs from Spirit are essentially messages from Spirit.  They are the things that happen around that give us a message, a connection or a knowing.  They can help to bring us comfort and help to give us the knowledge that we are not on our own.

The actual signs from Spirit can come in many forms.  Some signs from Spirit may be flashing lights, feathers appearing, pennies or money appearing, birds, butterflies, cloud shapes, sounds and a sense of Spirit around you, orbs in photographs, Numbers like 111, words in books standing out and songs on the radio.

  • For example We have had a plant in our kitchen that is sat between pictures of our loved ones and has grown in a heart shape. Really beautiful. (See Picture)

As you can see there are many different signs we can have from Spirit, but there is even more than I have listed above.  There are so many ways Spirit can give us a sign of their presence around us.

  • For example we also keep finding hearts all over from our loved ones, we even find them in bags of crisps! They are showing us so much love, even in Spirit. (See Picture)
  • We have even had a heart appear in the centre of a freshly baked cake.  (See Picture)

 But many people often get afraid or fearful as to what Spirits may be around them.  But this is a good question. 


Who are the Signs from Spirit from?

The signs from Spirit may be from our loved ones in Spirit.  This could be your husband, wife, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, grandma, neighbour, friend, Spirit guide, angel or enlightened being. 

As you can see this is a long list and could be longer so how on earth would you know who it is from?  Well, that’s simple, you would feel it.  Who do you feel it is trying to connect to you right now and that is who it is.  Truly beautiful and comforting.  It’s important to recognise who it feels like and have confidence to know that it is them.


What do these signs from Spirit mean?

This again comes down to the person feeling what the message is, as they see the sign from Spirit.  It can be often to show they are around with their love.  But our loved ones can show signs to assist us in many ways. 

  • For example I am aware that we have a Spirit of a loved one in our house that flashes the cooker hood light when our baking or cooking is ready.  It’s incredible.

The key thing to remember here though, in terms of what they mean, is what does it mean to the person that experiences that sign at that time.  That is the message from Spirit.  But as so often happens, people question themselves, dismiss it or shrug it off.  When instead is should be recognised as a beautiful message from Spirit.

Afterall what are these signs? They are Spirit trying to connect to us, to try and bring us a message of comfort and love.  And so if these beautiful signs are shrugged off or ignored.  It is such a shame as we would be missing out on a beautiful opportunity to connect to the energy of the divine, energy of love, energy of our loved ones and the opportunity to connect to the bigger whole, the energy of love and light which connects us all. (The Oneness)

Now I am certainly not telling you what to believe but look at the thing you may be missing out on, if you miss or dismiss these beautiful signs from Spirit.


How can we start to see these Signs from Spirit?

You simply need to be open. Now I am not talking about opening yourself up energetically to anything or anyone.  As we should always take care of ourselves on an energetic basis.  But be open to the idea we are surrounded by our loved ones in Spirit.  We are surrounded by our Guides, Angels, Enlightened beings, and Protectors.  As it is all these that may wish to show us a sign.  By being open to seeing the Signs from Spirit you will start to see more Signs.  You may just start to piece together signs you have been seeing or you may start to see entirely new signs from Spirit after reading this article.

But remember Spirit is love and light and these signs are just a beautiful way of connecting to Spirit and your guides as you walk along your path. The closer we can connect to Spirit and our Guides, then the more we can be supported along our Spiritual path.

I hope that this article has opened your eyes to the Signs from Spirit and that you feel confident in knowing who may be trying to connect to you and that it helps to bring you comfort.

Sam also has a FREE podcast called ‘Mediumship Reflections’ and in one of the episodes he discusses this topic of Signs from Spirit, so I encourage you to go and have a listen.


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