Mediumship and Me

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Mediumship and Me
Mediumship and Me

Mediumship and Me

I have been contemplating doing an article for some time, but always got stuck on what subject within Mediumship I should write about. 

As that is part of the beauty of Mediumship, the fact that there are so many strands of interest you can talk about, from the philosophy, to the mechanics and to the experiences etc...

So rather than going down the rabbit hole I decided to simply start with me and other articles I am sure will follow.

I decided and was guided simply to talk about me.  Mediumship and Me and to speak about why I do what I do and within that to also discuss the importance of intention.

Who is Sam?

Well I am a Medium, a Psychic, a Reiki Practitioner, a Husband, a Musician, a Dancer, a Spiritual Practitioner, A Gay Man, A Spiritualist, A Buddhist, A Support Worker.

As you can see many things make up who ‘I’ as Sam identify with.  But these are labels, and we must remember that.  In fact, I am far more than what I have just listed, just like many of you are who are reading this.

I am, when all said and done, a light or astral being inside a human body that has a wish to bring the loving light and inspiration of Spirit into people’s lives and enable healing, comfort and positivity to shine in their lives.  That is my wish, that is my intention.

Why am I a Medium?

This question does not seem so ‘out there’ having now read about me.  Since being young, I have always known there was something different about me.  I was always in the ‘uncool’ kids at school.  But in some ways, I feel that by not quite fitting in, it has given me more of an appreciation of the importance of our individuality and of diversity.

Diversity really is the spice of life, and it is people’s imperfections that make them perfect.

It is the beauty of people not fitting into boxes that really allows them to shine their light.  As just being you is all you need to do.


But what has all of this got to do with Mediumship?

I think for me, having that confidence to say, THIS IS ME, is so important and it is as important seeing the things you do, as part of what makes up you as a person.

If you can’t accept you for you, how on earth are you going to be able to help others, if you still need help to accept yourself for being the fabulous YOU.

One of the BIG things in life was finding my beautiful Husband, he was that piece missing from my life.  By this time, I had fully accepted me for me.  But only once I had done that, things fell into place.  

First finding my husband and then my Mediumship just opened up and flowed like never before.

I have been developing my Mediumship for around 15 Years and in this time, I have gained many experiences through doing Mind, Body & Spirit Fairs as well as Paranormal Events.


At the heart of everything I do

But at the heart of EVERYTHING I do Spiritually is to have an intention of bringing Love, Inspiration and Joy from Spirit into people’s lives and always staying true to Spirit and giving what I get.

I certainly do not do what I do to ‘convert’ people or even ‘make people believe’. I don’t even do what I do for praise or criticism.

Everything I do, is done within the light of love and inspiration. 

I do readings so they can feel their loved ones with them once again, by bringing their presence and energy into the room.  Connecting to the Spirit and speaking to them and bringing forward evidence in the form of precise details about objects, memories, characteristics, clothes, pictures, jewellery, ways of speaking, personalities whatever Spirit wish to tell me.

I do it to help people get comfort knowing their loved ones, though not physically around, are still around in Spirit.  I think it is important for people to recognise they are no longer physically around, as it is so important to go through the bereavement process.  But they can take comfort knowing that, in essence, we cannot die.  We just pass on, into Spirit form, and stay around our loved ones in the light.

The beauty of the messages from Spirit that we receive, is not only precise evidence and messages but also goes into guidance about what is happening in our own lives right now.

This article is a bit about me that I hope it has opened your eyes about my motivation and has answered any questions as to why I am a Medium and has also opened your eyes as to my intention behind all the work I do. 

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