Inspired words from my guide team

In this article I share a poem which came about through an activity of channelled writing which I hope brings some inspiration

Inspired words from my guide team

At the end of 2021 as we were coming out of the lockdowns caused by the pandemic, like most people, I felt uninspired. So I decided to sit in meditation and connect with my guide team to see if they had anything to say on the matter. It turns out they did, and when i read the words back I knew that they were meant to be shared and not kept to myself. Most surprisingly to me it came out as a poem, and I'm not naturally a poet by any stretch of the imagination. The words are still as relevant now just as they were at the end of 2021. 


It’s good to be good and it’s bad to be bad. Learn to put a smile on your face because there is joy to be had.

There’s sparkle in the sunshine, there’s sparkle in the night sky. There are times when you just have to laugh, even when you don’t know why.

Being good makes people happy, being bad makes people sad. Make sure to take the first choice to give people the best life they’ve ever had.

This life is a journey, with many challenges to have. But don’t let them stop you achieving or even drive you mad.

 Sometimes it’s not that easy to give yourself a pat on the back. But you need to give yourself some credit when not everyone will do that.

 It’s not about being a people pleaser or putting on a face. It’s simply about doing right by others that will help the human race.

 It’s in your soul to love yourself and others along the way. It’s the way that you express that love that will make somebody’s day.

 It’s not about greed or envy or all the material things. People who are focused on that, they will never win.

 We all need to learn to be content with some of what we have. Because the people who came before us, never had what we now have.

 Try to help others in anyway you can. Your generosity can go a long way to helping your fellow man.

 The current world situation may be difficult and may seem hard to rise above. But this can be overcome, by filling the world with love.

 Try to fill the world with colour by shining out your light, like a kaleidoscope of colours, you can make the darkness bright.

By David and his guide team, 2021


As well as the words being inspiring I feel that they also serve as a reminder for us to be good to ourselves, for us to give ourselves some credit and indeed that pat on the back for still standing, especially after the past couple of years we've been through. It's not been easy for anyone and tougher on some than on others, but here you are reading this. 

I think we've also learnt even more than ever just how important our relationships are and how important life experience is and to make the most of it. As much as it's nice to have the nice car, a nice house and lots of money, those things do not necessarily make us happy ... well I wouldn't be upset with half a million pounds, but the material things in life don't heal us from grief and loss. 

It's people like yourself, reading this, that make the difference in the world. Like minded spiritual people who just want healing and peace for people, animals and the world in general. If we come together as a collective and shine our light out we can keep some of that darkness at bay. 

Lastly, as the poem says, find time to laugh and I don't know about you, but I'd rather laugh than cry. Laughing raises our vibration and puts us in a positive state of mind. Yes sometimes it can be difficult to find the humour in the things but remember Spirit do not want us to be miserable, they don't want us to be sad. So honour your passed loved ones by being good to yourself and enjoy your life in the best way you can.